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Welcome to Clear Impressions Solar and Security Films

We specialize in presenting a diverse product line to ensure that we accomplish the solutions to your goals.

Whether it is for your home, office or auto, one of our superior products will meet your needs.Individuals goals can vary greatly from needing the strongest film for security, hurricane and theft protection to our non-reflective clear, heat, fading, and glare control technologies. All of our window films will enhance the integrity of your glass while lowering your air conditioning cost and preserving your furnishings from harmful UV and Infra-red rays.
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

Installed Clear XIR Technology on all skyboxes, press boxes and coach’s booths.

We also have a large variety of decorative films that simulate stained or etched glass giving any glass a personalized and elegant appearance.

The newest films for automotive are dye free extruded films with superior clarity and heat control that will not interfere with any electronic devices.

Not all window films are created equal, let us show you why!


Window Fashions Magazine Debunks 5 Window Film Myths

Myth 1: All Window Film Is The Same
Window films come in different formulations, price ranges and performance levels.
Myth 2: Window Film will Bubble and Peel
The quality minded manufacturers are supplying high tech solar control films backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Myth 3: Window Film will Ruin my View
The newest generation of clear solar control window films preserves the clarity of our windows and ensures the aesthetic integrity.
Myth 4: Low E Glass Outperforms Window Film
The top of the line low E glass stops 67% UV rays and provides 43% heat rejection – window film stops 99% UV rays and up to 78% heat rejection.
Myth 5: Window Film is Too Expensive
In today’s energy-conscious environment, solar control window film represents a modest investment toward increasing comfort, saving energy dollars and preserving our furnishings from fading damage.


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